Make an e-invoice in 5 minutes!

How it works

1Go to "Make an invoice" and fill the form with your invoice information

2Select digital certificate to sign the invoice

1Send your invoice signed to the customer, and that's all!


What is an e-invoice


An electronic invoice is the equivalent to a paper invoice. It has all the mandatory information in an invoice and it is digitally signed to guarantee issuer veracity.

Why use e-invoice


Because it's fast, easy, ecologic and cheaper than a traditional invoice. Also, the period to pay an electronic invoice can be shorter than for a paper invoice, because when you send the invoice the receiver can instantly see it.

In which we help you allows you to make an electronic invoice technically correct, with a digital signature, in a easy and fast way. In only five minutes.


Invoices made in are in the OASIS UBL Invoice 2.0 format, an international standard.

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